Gary Davison

Managing Director /Principal Mining Engineer
Gary Davison has over 38 years’ experience in the Australian Mining Industry. His career began at Renison, Tasmania, in 1978 and has worked at senior mine management levels in Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales covering underground and surface mining techniques. As well as a practical, hands-on approach Gary has worked for a variety of clients including lawyers on expert witness cases, merchant banks conducting a numerous number of due diligence examinations and many other feasibility studies. He has extensive experience in Australian and overseas. He has worked on mines and mining prospects and underground mines within the production range of 50,000 – 10,000,000 tonnes per annum. Gary is highly innovative in many areas. He has developed unique mine designs and infrastructure for difficult mines and he has a particular passion for ground support and improving the safety and efficiency of underground mining. Gary has successfully patented a variety of rock bolts, many of which are commercially available selling over 1.5 million units, worldwide. He has a number of other patents pending. Gary has written and presented a variety of papers on mining topics. He has visited mine sites and conducted work in Indonesia, Canada, Finland, UK, Sweden, Ghana, Central and South America, and China, as well all states and territories in Australia. Gary is one of the founders and Managing Director of Mining One Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia and his private Rock Bolt Technology firm, Gazmick Pty Ltd. He was a Non-Executive Director Unity Mining Limited joining them in 2013 and has previously held Non Executive Directorships for Kasbah Resources Ltd and Lightning Nickel Pty Ltd., the nickel operating arm of Independence Group NL. Gary is also the Managing Director of the Mining Motor Company Pty Ltd which is developing variable speed electric motors for mining operations.

Bill Frazer

Director/Manager Technical Services
Bill is a Mining Engineer with over 36 years’ experience working in tin, copper, zinc, nickel and gold and brings a solid grounding in mine management at a senior level in both open pit and heap leach operations and underground mines including large tonnage operations. His experience includes geology, mine safety, mine planning, contracts, productivity, environmental, aboriginal heritage, continuous improvement, processing and human resources. As well as a practical, hands-on approach Bill has worked for a variety of clients conducting numerous due diligence examinations and feasibility studies on mines and mining prospects both in Australian and overseas. Bill has also managed community relations which include aboriginal, shire, pastoralists and other landowners during his time as either General Manager or Mining Manager for various operations and companies.

Dean B

Board Member/Manager Mining
Dean Basile has over 20 years’ experience in the Mining Industry. His career began at Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines in Western Australia and has worked at senior and mine management levels in Ghana and Peru, mainly covering surface mining techniques as well as extensive experience in long-term and strategic planning of gold and copper mines. Dean has conducted work on and managed various feasibility studies; as well as the implementation of mining fleets at two green field operations. Dean has over 10 years’ experience at a management level, and has an intermediate level of written and spoken Spanish.

Mark VL

General Manager SA /Senior Mining Engineer
Mark has over 30 years’ experience as an engineer, specialising in hard rock mining. He has been involved at a senior level with numerous mining companies around Australia, and overseas. Mark was Principal Mining Engineer at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine prior to joining Mining One. Mark’s expertise includes project reviews and due diligence of mining operations, supervision and feasibility study management, mine design, cost modelling, equipment selection and scheduling. He is a Fellow and a Chartered Professional Mining Engineer of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He also holds a South Australian First Class Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competency, with Mutual Recognition in Western Australia. Mark is a Qualified Person under the Canadian NI 43-101 system and can sign off on technical reports.  He is also a Competent Person as defined within the JORC Code and can sign off on JORC compliant Ore Reserve estimates.

Cameron F

Principal Mining Engineer
Cameron is a Principal Mining Engineer who has a diverse background in mining. Having spent the past 19 years as a mining professional, Cameron has become an effective technical leader. He has had exposure to a number of commodities including Iron Ore, Gold, Diamonds and Coal where he has learnt to understand the fundamental value drivers for the respective commodity and derive value. While Cameron holds an engineering degree as well as a MBA in finance, his true acumen has been honed by years at the face as a technical and operational professional. From engineering and front line management through to his role as the site SSE, he has learnt to manage the workforce and understand the importance of holding people to account. In addition to his engineering and financial acumen Cameron has a strong background in developing site safety management systems having been involved in the development of a number of safety systems for a number of clients. Cameron’s strong operational background along with his time as a Fleet Performance Superintendent where he oversaw a fleet exceeding 80 trucks and 10 dig units provides a strong foundation in understanding the relationship between people equipment and site systems and how to derive equipment performance. These skills have underpinned Cameron’s ability to carry out numerous fleet studies and then project manage them through the execution phase as well as being engaged in a raft of projects including; Operational readiness planning, due diligence, capability assessments, JORC and NI 43-101 reports across a number of commodities, organisational design, equipment selection and fleet studies, ICAM and root cause safety investigations, business improvement and mine optimisation where he has delivered substantial value to his clients. Cameron’s Project Management skills combined with his financial acumen have enabled Cameron to facilitate a number of projects from financial feasibility through to implementation. Cameron is a chartered professional of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM (CP)).

David B

General Manager WA / Senior Mining Engineer
A Mining Engineer with 13 years’ experience, David has gained the majority of this experience at mining operations in Western Australia, predominantly underground mines in various production, planning and management roles. David has worked on many international and local projects; both open pit and underground, generally in combined lead technical and project management roles. David’s experience includes overseas travel to Africa and the Americas. David’s experience with Mining One includes feasibility studies (open pit and underground), technical reviews and audits for both local and international clients, underground mine design and scheduling, feasibility cost studies (including overseas) and technical report writing. David subsequently has become conversant with both the JORC Code 2012 and NI43-101 reporting standards.

David T

Senior Mining Engineer
David has over 25 years of experience in the engineering and management of mining and civil operations. He has extensive operational experience as an underground manager and senior level mining engineering. For the last several years David has been working as a consultant on a range of technical projects while also conducting research into the use of geostatistical simulation methods for ore reserve and risk evaluation.

Stewart C

Senior Mining Engineer
Stewart has theoretical background knowledge and expertise backed by many years of practical hands on mining experience to successfully manage a well-resourced mining operation. Stewart provides reliable and honest management of the operation through promoting a working environment of mutual respect between the workforce and management. He has extensive experience in management and training, mine design, mine scheduling, and drilling and blasting design. Stewart also has considerable working experiences in France, Tanzania, China and Indonesia assisting with mine design, production design, scheduling and implementation, mine rehabilitation and reopening , operator training and operational management.

Nikki D

Senior Mining Engineer
Nikki has over 11 years of Australian mining experience. His core skill set is predominantly underground mine production and mine planning with approximately 1 to 2 years spent in open-pit planning. Nikki also has 4 years UK experience in ground investigation, ground remediation and earthworks site management. He has been involved in various pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for both underground and open-pit mining operations (predominantly base metals and gold projects) in Australia and overseas. Nikki is highly skilled in various mine planning suits including Datamine and Deswik and has a passion for creating advanced macros to speed up mine design processes.

Ievan L

Senior Mining Engineer (Australia/Indonesia)/Coal Manager
Ievan has over 15 year of experience in the mining industry. He has undertaken a wide variety of roles within various technical teams including short/medium/long term planning engineering roles and production engineering roles. Ievan also has extensive experience on a variety of projects and has been involved in the various study phases from concept study to feasibility study to project implementation. Ievan has a sound understanding of computerised 3D design work, dragline and truck shovel operation, mine scheduling, budgeting, pit optimisation and cost modelling for both coal and metaliferous mine. Ievan is well versed in various mining software packages, including Minex, Minescape, Surpac, Whittle, XPAC, 3D Dig and Talpac.

Patar S

Mining Engineer (Indonesia)
Patar has over ten years’ experience in the mining industry. He has developed a strong knowledge of mining both in Australia and Indonesia. This includes mine planning, drill and blast, mining fleet and its operation, production reporting, project cost analysis, progress claim, project contract, and people management. Patar is familiar with mining software packages such as Whittle, Minex, Minescape, Talpac, XPAC, Surpac and AutoCad. The last two years, he was involved in several projects within Indonesia area starts from exploration stage to JORC Reserves Reporting. Patar is qualified as a Competent Person Indonesia (CPI) for KCMI 2011 Code Reserves Estimate Sign-off for Gold (dmp) projects.

Seen L

Mining Engineer
Seen has over 12 years’ experience in the fields of Geology, Geological Engineering and Mining Engineering. Seen’s experience encompasses pit optimisation, pit design, scheduling and haul route calibration and modelling.  Seen is proficient in various computer packages including Datamine, Mine2-4D and Surpac. Seen has over four years’ experience in geotechnical investigations and operations for civil and mining in locations throughout Australia and oversea, and over six years’ experience in open pit mine planning.

Michelle X

Mining Engineer
Michelle has over nine years of industry experience, with expertise in 3d mine design and planning. Michelle has assisted in completing numerous mining projects in Australia and China. In addition, Michelle is a highly experienced Surpac user, who has conducted Surpac training courses for various mining companies. She is also fluent in English and is a native Chinese speaker.

Phelan T

Mine Planning Engineer
Since joining Mining One in 2011, Phelan has gained a variety of experience in open-pit mining engineering. This experience includes pit optimisation, pit and dump design, mine planning and scheduling, fleet estimations, and financial modelling. His operational experience includes drill & blast and short term mine scheduling. Phelan has worked with a variety of software packages including Deswik, Datamine, Vulcan, Whittle and MineSched. Phelan also has experience in writing/applying software in multi-objective optimisation problems such as ore-blending. Phelan graduated from the University of Melbourne where he completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Hons.) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics).  He has also completed courses in the area of computer science and programming from MIT and Berkeley.

Thomas I

Mining Engineer
Thomas is a Mining Engineer with over four years of experience in open pit mining with exposure in various projects and operations. During his time with Mining One, Thomas has been involved in a number of mining studies across a broad spectrum of commodities such as coal, gold, and iron ore. He has developed a strong knowledge of open pit mining including mine planning, pit and dump design, pit optimisation, scheduling, fleet selection, haul road modelling, Talpac analysis, production reporting, project cost analysis, and technical reporting. Thomas is familiar with many mining software packages including Vulcan, Surpac, Studio 3, Mine 2-4D, Minescape, Talpac, Xact, MineSched, Whittle, AutoCAD and Rocscience (RocData, Slide, Swedge, Dips).

Li P

Mining Engineer
Li is a Chinese national Mining Engineer with eight years’ technical experience with open cut and underground mining projects. Li has a strong working knowledge of Geovia (formerly Gemcom) based mine software packages including Surpac and MineSched and has partaken in numerous training seminars with various clients during his time with Gemcom and now with Mining One. Since joining Mining One in 2012, Li has also become proficient with the use of Mine2-4D, EPS, Datamine and Ventsim having been involved with a number of mining optimization and feasibility studies with Mining One. Li also regularly partakes in business promotional activities in China and supports Mining One by interpreting in meetings and translating reports to/from our Chinese clients.